Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Next up - Norse Gaels!

Now I have a six point Anglo Dane warband fully painted, it's time to start thinking about something for Kyle. We've played a range of different factions and Kyle tends to like warbands that get stuck into the action... After a good review of all the available warbands and a few practice games we've decided on Norse Gaels. Kyle hopes to field this warband at John F's Canterbury SAGA event this November.

Here then is the six point Norse Gael warband. Assembled, deflashed and stuck to their bases. There are two points of hearthguard (both with Dane Axes). One unit is composed of Gripping Beast figures, the other formed from old Citadel miniatures. There are three warrior units. These include two 10 man units wielding Dane Axes and 12 warriors armed with javelins. One of the warrior units is primarily composed of Gripping Beast metal figures, while the rest are made from various plastic kits (mostly Dark Age Warriors and Viking Bondi). A few Saxon arms have been included for their double handed posture. Axes are not quite full length in all figures, but I'm not overly concerned and the overall effect still works.

My Anglo Dane warlord has a relatively simple base (just sand and grass tufts). For the Norse Gael warlord I have decided to do something a little more elaborate and the warlord stands atop a rocky outcrop. The base is completed, but I will paint the warlord separately. Bases like this can look good when displayed, but I wonder if they are a bit too much when used in games. Oh well, time will tell. 

So there we have it, six points of Norse Gaels just waiting to be undercoated. I'll post a few photos of painted units as and when they are completed. 


  1. What a great Dad! You go Lee, now get that boy stuck in and involved painting those with you or you won't make the deadline. Remember we watched here, how long it took you to finish your Danes;)

    1. Ha, yes it did take a while. I was hoping to get another AD warrior unit painted before November as well, but I suspect that may turn out to be November 2015...