Thursday, 14 May 2015

GalSec Colonists Detect Terran Distress Call

It's 16087 and a faint distress call has just been picked up by GalSec colonists. Time for a rescue team to load up, buckle up and head to Earth...



Upon entering Earth orbit, a small spherical object appears briefly on the ship's scanner.

A dull thud is heard and a tremor is felt throughout the ship.

"Captain! The main drive has failed!"

On a bleak windswept hillside a blinding light appears in the early evening sky as a shooting star hurtles towards the ground...

Stay tuned for Transmat Station!



  1. Most intriguing! And I don't recognise the models either?

    1. The models are Crooked Dice. I 'borrowed' their colour scheme but my painting style relies on washes and dry brushing - so not quite the standard shown on CD's website! I managed to crack on with the Doctor, Sarah and Harry today so it's possible they'll be appearing through the Transmat Circle soon...