Sunday, 27 July 2014

Orc Triumphs in Talisman

I had a great game of Talisman (2nd edition) with the kids on Saturday.



Mighty Kyle played the Inquisitor and found himself turned into a toad not once, not twice but three times... To say he wasn't impressed about loosing all of his followers, objects and gold is an understatement!



Since it was so hot in the conservatory we played on the kitchen table and space was therefore a bit limited. We therefore decided to play with only the dungeon expansion. Erin played the Orc but refused to be seen in a photo (just in case I posted anything either on the blog or in Facebook....). Following the unfortunate toad incident, my Highlander picked up Kyle's booty and made it all the way through to the den of werewolves. Unfortunately the kids rolled a 10 for the werewolf's strength. Since I had stumbled through with just 8 strength I was a bit underpowered and the Highlander fell.


Erin decided it would be easier to win simply by squashing the toad - much to Kyle's continued anguish...


It's always good fun to play Talisman and we managed to finish this one in less than four hours!



  1. We've kept family records of who played in each game of Talisman since we got the game (3rd edition, though). If a player is turned into toad then their record is annotated with a 'T'. I don't think this has ever happened to one player *3* times in a single game, though!

    1. For reasons no one could fathom, he visited the prophetess on the city space a second time - whilst still a toad - and rolled another 1! Much merriment was had by the Highlander and Orc, while the toad hopped off in a huff! Later in the game he went there again, muttering something about 'won't happen again...', only for it to, well, happen again!