Saturday, 16 January 2016

Cavalier 2016

Friday Night Fire Fight Club will be running a participation game at this year's Cavalier show in February. This time it will be Rorke's Drift with home brew SAGA battleboards! We gave the game a go yesterday evening and I kid you not, it was one of the best games of SAGA I've ever played! Paul, Dan and Karl supplied the figures. The Rorke's Drift buildings were scratch built by Dan and battleboards devised by Paul with help from Dan (and a tiny bit of tweaking by yours truly). Six Zulu warbands were set loose on two British Lieutenants and their charges.


All I'll say, is that Kyle's dice rolling for Lt. Chard was epic...! I know he doesn't look happy, but he claims he was thinking - we all thoroughly enjoyed the game. After several hours of play, the British still held their ground. Here's a few more shots...








We'll be tweaking the rules a little for Cavalier, but hope to support up to eight participants who will be given their own Zulu warband. There's a few more bits of terrain still to be made, but the game should be a good one! If you are coming along do pop over and say hello!




  1. Aagh! I wish I could come along and have a go, but I'm not part of the Colonel Bills show team - I'll be back up in the North East while they travel South.

    The game looks really cool. Will there be some photos of the game at the show?

  2. Sounds and looks like a great game Lee!

  3. Zulus.Thousand of them.However Welshmen Will Not Yield.
    Not into war gaming but those figures look Great. Beano Boy

    1. Of course, we had to watch Zulu on Saturday...