Saturday, 27 February 2016

Ancient Briton Village Completed

It's been quiet on here for the past few weeks, but fear not games have been played and terrain painted!. At last, I have finished my Ancient Briton village for Hail Caesar.


In the end I decided to fix the palisade fence in place. The buildings and gates are all removable though which means I can use them as part of a larger town, hillfort or simple farmstead.



The buildings are all manufactured by Hovels, whilst the fence was supplied by Scheltrum Miniatures (who's web page sadly no longer appears to be available).

Next up, I need to finish those corner woods!



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    1. Thanks Gordon" I have a few other bits and pieces (livestock, tables, sacks etc), that will help to bring it to life. I do need to paint up a few villagers, but they will have to wait...

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Michael. Hopefully the village will look good in the game of Hail Caesar we have planned for it.

  3. I love this! I need to take time to make nice pieces like this one. I can see this being used as a hill fort as well. Easily used along with the Romano Brits I am trying to paint up.


    1. Thanks Kevin. I had an idea to use the base for different things, but probably should have given it just the one gate if it was to be a hill fort? I'll definitely be putting the buildings to other uses. I'm hoping to put some Romano British on the table too at some point as well. Must get my Ancient Britons finished first though!

  4. That's great. It reminds me of a certain Gulish village that I came to love as a youngster.