Wednesday, 30 April 2014

A New Wargaming (mostly) Blog

Welcome to my new blog! This is really just an excuse to post photos of some of my figures, various games and to prattle on about my return to the hobby after an absence of 20 odd years. More of that another time. So where to begin? Well, let's kick start this blog with a little bit of Oldhammer...

1980's plastic skeletons from the skeleton horde box set. The standard is copied from an old Games Workshop publication (Third Compendium I think). The figures are all sat in my shiny new Ikea display cabinet. I dug these figures out of the garage last September (2013) and repainted all of the bases. I really went to town in the 1980's collecting undead and have a fairly large collection, most of it as yet unpainted. The undead force is led by a rather motley crew of vampires.

Meet the family!

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