Monday, 29 June 2015

Mystery Terrain

Lots going on at Brady HQ so blog updates are a bit sparse. A new bathroom installation is creating lots of dust, so figures are wrapped up tight and painting will have to go on hold for a while. And when I say dust, I mean DUST!

Pyramids of Mars figures and terrain are (were) coming along nicely so I'll post photos when the dust settles... In the meantime here's a photo of a mystery terrain piece that is painted but not yet flocked. I've just finished several of these. See if you can guess what it is (it's got nothing to do with the Doctor...).






  1. Hmm - it'll be a small temple or a sacrificial plinth or something like that? I've no idea, really...

    1. Not quite, I'll post a photo of the finished piece once we're free of dust from the new bathroom installation. The terrain is supposed to have a very specific game related function and seems to work quite well...