Saturday, 28 November 2015

Paint Table Update

It's been a while but time for a few updates on the painting front. First up, some very angry monks for SAGA...



Along with a Warlord Priest. Upgrade, downgrade or sidegrade - you decide.



If your SAGA warlord isn't likely to see any melee, then the Warlord Priest can be a good option.

My Anglo Danes have been expanded and I now have an Anglo Saxon warband for SAGA. They may sound similar, but it's a whole different battleboard.



Another point of warriors, along with an Anglo Saxon warlord...



But... I recently bought an Athelstan figure, together with a standard bearer. In SAGA, Athelstan allows units to be upgraded to carry javelins, Dane axes or bows. So... The new warrior unit together with an existing AD warrior unit + Norse Gael Dane axe warriors + angry monks and of course the levy slingers of doom gives me a whole new Anglo Saxon warband! Here's the man himself...




This is my first attempt at a banner for SAGA (LBM of course) and I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. I decided not to weather the banner too much - it is after all the King's banner!



  1. That's a lot of new stuff, isn't it? It's all good, although I can't help thinking that the way Athelstan is holding his shield won't protect either him or his henchman very much!

    1. The monks have been finished for a little while, just not gotten around to getting a photo. As for Athelstan's shield, he'll be taunting the vicious Vikings next week for sure!

  2. Lovely looking figs especially the monks (on my wishlist) and priest (on my leadpile). And the banner looks great!

  3. Lovely work they all turned out great!