Saturday, 12 March 2016

A Howl in the Darkness

I decided to run a modified version of the Frostgrave mini Campaign that appeared in a recent edition of Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy. Since time was tight, we could only really play two games. I therefore decided to combine the first two scenarios of the campaign (Prey and The Quest) into a single game. If the boys managed to escape the board with treasure, they could forge silver weapons and return for Hunters Become the Hunted. Of course they would have to find the silver treasure...



An unpaved road winds its way through woodland and exits the board through the outskirts of the ruined city (located to the lower right in the above image).

After successfully negotiating his way across the old bridge and escaping from the Frost Giant, Mighty Kyle's dwarven warband decided to rest before continuing their journey to Frostgrave. But during one particularly long and bitterly cold night, the howls of hunting wolves could be heard ahead. Leaving his diminutive wizard to recover his strength the dwarf captain and a handful of soldiers (along with 'Laddy' a summoned highland bull - don't ask) decided to investigate. They make their way along the road and emerge from the trees with a scene of carnage directly ahead.

Kyle's friend took charge of another warband. This one was led by Otto and his soldiers (as per the published campaign). Otto entered the board from the ruins.

The two warbands needed to investigate the ruined caravan and discover who or what was responsible. Wolves were starting to feed on the fallen, even whilst some still lived. The old woman was clearly still alive. But for how long? Four treasure chests were scattered across the board.

After last time (!) the boys immediately decided that they should work together. Otto's men quickly found a treasure chest amongst a ruined tower - but alas the chest was empty...

Fighting off wolves, the dwarven captain secured two chests. One was filled with gold, the other silver. The body closest to the caravan was searched. Its limbs were torn away, this was not the master of the caravan. More wolves appeared.



From amongst the trees a foul shape emerged. Not a wolf, but also not a man.



Fortunately standard werewolves are not shapeshifters and can be killed with normal weapons. As he dispatched the man wolf and removed its head for the promised bounty of 20gc, Otto sighed with relief. His greatest fear was that he would encounter a true werewolf.

But what of the old woman? The wolf before her had turned and bounded off towards the dwarfs. The old woman ran towards the woods. Otto saw her close to the last treasure chest and sent his tracker in pursuit.

By now (turn 6) the sun had set and ragged clouds raced across the night sky, revealing the full moon.

Otto's tracker reached the chest and grasped the old woman. But her wild eyed expression startled him. He stepped back.

With a terrible shriek, the old woman started to writhe and twist. Claws erupted from her fingers and before the tracker's very eyes, the old woman transformed into a hideous werewolf - a True Werewolf! Frozen in fear, the soldier could only watch as the werewolf pounced...



"Time to escape" shouted the dwarf captain - or words to that effect!

Soon, both warbands were running back towards the ruins of Frostgrave, hotly pursued by a pack of wolves and their mistress.


Two more of Otto's men fell along with a dwarven thunderer. But the two captains, puffing and wheezing do manage to make it safely to the ruined city.

After a short interlude, the two warbands return. Both captains have forged themselves silver weapons. The hunt for the werewolf can now begin!



Meanwhile the wolf pack recover their strength by feeding on the fallen. In the light of the moon the shapes of men and dwarfs can be seen in the distance. The wolves emerge from the forest ready for fresh meat!



Led as before by the True Werewolf.



The two captain's advance their warbands.



And the wolves move in for the kill...



But what's this!? Otto's archers are deadly accurate with their dice rolling and two wolves are slain. Turning from the attack, the werewolf scrambles up a hill and casts Heal to stop a third from meeting the same fate. But the werewolf is now dangerously close to the silver weapons. Before she can escape Otto charges. There follows a desparate fight between man and beast. Otto is wounded, but he cuts down the werewolf. The beast staggers and falls. As the werewolf lies bleeding it looks up only to see a silvery flash as the dwarf captain races forwards and brings down his silver coated axe...



As they retrieve the last treasure chest, the two captains decide to share their spoils.

"That looks like a nasty cut" remarks the dwarf to Otto.

"Don't worry" replies the captain "it's just a scratch..."



  1. 'Just a scratch...' Uh-oh...
    Great report - nice to see some non-icy terrain in a Frostgrave batrep.
    I wish I wasn't too stingy to buy these magazines just for the Frostgrave content! :D

    1. Thanks, but it's through necessity not design - I don't have any snowy terrain! I do like Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy so the Frostgrave scenarios are a nice bonus.