Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Blood Eagle - The Raid

The Viking Raiders emerged from beneath the trees and gazed upon the lands ahead. A church sat defenceless amongst a collection of wooden hovels. Johan had heard about the One God and the wealth hoarded by His priests.



Alongside Johan were a motly crew of Norsemen. Beside him stood Ox a skald of repute who, it was claimed, had acquired his name after a drunken binge when he bellowed and roared so much he appeared to some as a raging bull. Two veterans of old clasped their Dane axes, eager for the battle to come. The new recruit hadn't yet proved himself in battle but his family were known to Johan and he felt confident the lad wouldn't let him down. A low grunt signalled the presence of Ulf. The scars on his body telling stories of past battles. Johan didn't feel entirely safe around Ulf, a dribble in the corner of the berserker's mouth had a red tinge...



Wulfestan stood between the Priest Sigered and his loyal Huscarle retainer, Ailred. Accompanying them were three spearmen and youngsters who, their fathers claimed, could take out the eye of a robin with their slingshot. Time would tell, for in the distance a loud yell announced that the Pagans were upon them!



Wulfestan stood with the Priest before the mighty oak doors, determined that no pagan would despoil this building of God.



The Thegn positions his warriors and Skirmishers around the church with Ailred defending the only other entrance - a small window.

Women, children, old men and their livestock cower within the church. Johan knows that if he can get at least three of his men in the church, the Saxons would not dare fight back.



The Vikings choose their position well rushing towards the church from two separate points [white markers on the right], using buildings and trees as cover.


Seeing the danger, Wulfestan runs around the church, whilst his Skirmishers take up position behind a wooden table.



But misjudging the range, their slingshot falls harmlessly into the hedge.



Ox leads two of the pagans around a hovel. He takes aim at the Priest and mutters words of fire. The air crackles and pops, but nothing happens! Ox mutters dark thoughts...



Perhaps the well will provide good cover against slingshot - if the Saxons ever find their aim!



Taking no heed of the Christian symbols, Johan takes cover behind the stone cross. A Saxon warrior positions himself on the corner of the church, ready to throw his spear at any Vikings that attemp to outflank Ailred.



With a roar, Ulf the berserker charges towards the window! Johan and one of his veteran warriors follow up behind - at a safe distance...



As he rushes forwards, Wulfestan is blessed by Sigered.

"Have faith my son!" Shouts the Priest.



Blood is spilt. A Saxon warrior falls, his skull cleaved. The berserker jumps on his broken body and turns towards Ailred.

"No!" shouts Siegred.

But it is too late, the Norseman's axe plunges into the Huscarle. He slumps and falls, never to rise again.



Hearing Sigered's cries, Ulf jumps over the fallen and rushes past the stone cross. But the Priest stands firm, battering back the berserker with his quarterstaff.



Meanwhile a veteran Viking and his younger brethren rush towards the doors of the church. Only a lone Skirmisher stands between them and the riches within.



Wulfestan stands firm and blows are exchanged with the Viking Jarl. Johan steps back and eyes his quarry. This Saxon knows how to wield an axe! Taking aim, The Viking brings his sword down and strikes Wulfestan's helm! The Saxon Thegn crumples to the ground.



But all is not lost - at least not yet! A Saxon warrior lunges forwards with his spear and a veteran Viking warrior falls.



But Johan slices through a Skirmisher...



Whilst another Skirmisher is mobbed by two Vikings and drops to the ground - dead.



The two Viking warriors run for the church, eager to plunder and loot. Near the window, the berserker grins at the Priest and raises his axe...



But the Priest strikes first! His staff jabs forwards leaving the crucifix embedded in the berserker's flesh...



Behind him a veteran Viking warrior takes deadly revenge and Sigered is struck... And falls.



Ox eyes the church and runs towards the doors shouting Pagan cries of doom!



Meanwhile the last Skirmisher is cut down where he stands.



But two warriors stand before Johan. Their shields locked together, pushing him back from the church.

"It's too late you fools!" Cries Johan.

"Unless you want your kin to join their Priest, stand down!"



Seeing that all is lost, the warriors lower their spears and retreat from the scene of battle.

Johan walks towards the doors rubbing the sweat from his hands...


The Aftermath



  1. Excellent blog post!

  2. Very nice terrain and miniatures!
    And interesting report too.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Gordon, I'm just pleased that I actually have all the figures and terrain to play a whole campaign! Stay tuned more to come...

  4. Fabulous report and made all the better by your stunning table set up - really inspirational!

    1. Thanks Michael, was pleased that we have the right terrain to play the campaign, sorry - write the Saga!

  5. Very nice! But what the h*ll - the berserker slays a huscarl but is then taken down by the *priest*?!

    1. Ha yes, talk to mighty Kyle about that! The Priest survived through a lucky fate roll and took the berserker out by winning the next initiative. There are nuances un the rules that only become apparent after a game. Shooting at running figures is a no no for example...

  6. A whole campaign? So jealous Lee! Fantastic board and excellent battle write up. Well done! It seemed the Saxons were butchered for the most part. Bad dice luck, poor positioning or...?
    Sounds like it was a very fun game though, with some good back and forth. Glad the priest struck down the berserker. That kept things interesting!

    1. ... Or Kyle Brady and his lucky dice! Hopefully the next game won't be so one-sided...

  7. Great AAR! I just got my rules today so I have to read them and get working on some Viking Miniatures and someone for them to fight.

    1. Cheers, if you've not played the game before you might want to go through the melee sequence with a few figures. Once you get it, the rules are straightforward, but can appear confusing the first time many figures get into a brawl.

  8. Great captions. I'm looking forward to try one game myself

    1. It's certainly fun, but I think benefits from creating a story (Saga) around the game.