Tuesday, 15 March 2016

What's Next on the Paint Table?

After last week's hectic push to get the werewolves finished for our recent Frostgrave game, I decided to finish off a terrain piece that's been hanging around for a while. Just need to flock and varnish and I'll post a few photos.

In the meantime I've been trying to hunt down a certain shade of green paint that I need for the bases of my Ancient Britons. I've been singularly unsuccessful though so the Britons remain in their box. So... I have a game of SAGA booked for a couple of weeks and since I'll be playing Norse Gaels I've decided to paint up a new warlord.



This is Saxon Miniatures' take on Brodir of Man. I have the Viking Warlord and Hirdmen figure collections from Saxon, but haven't yet painted any. The figures are very nicely detailed, so looking forward to getting started on the Man!



  1. Look forward to seeing him all painted up!

  2. He's a great looking character, best of luck with him.

    1. Thanks Michael, he's now primed so small steps.