Monday, 13 April 2015

SAGA Revenants!

Bugger! Remember that list of mine? The list that I deliberately didn't include any SAGA stuff in? The list that started to crumble at the prospect of painting a few SAGA figures? Well...


Hold on! Number 1 on my list is continuing to collect figures for Warhammer. Specifically the Lichmaster scenario, that includes zombies! Lots of zombies! Can't really ever have enough zombies...

It's out at Salute, but pre-orders are now being taken - more info here.




  1. An interesting choice for a fantasy entry in the SAGA stable. I had wondered whether something like a troll family might be more obvious? I'm guessing that the grave pits are worth 1 point each, probably because they respawn the revenants?

    1. It looks like the grave pits are worth 1 point each and can be moved like a normal unit. They can then be replaced with a zombie levy unit - not sure if this is a battle board ability or something they can do as a normal activation. I agree trolls would be fun, but I think GP have gone for something that can be better adapted to different regions.

  2. lee - im curious about these rules, and cannot get ahold of the set. Could you scan the rules and make a post, or email them to me please?
    We are very curious about this, me and my friend want to try it!

  3. Wondering where the much promised pdf is