Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Decisions Decisions

Now that the Norse Gael are finished its time to start thinking about a new project. I tried to make progress with the livestock objective markers but unfortunately we've been having a new gas boiler fitted and my little room seems to be buried under a mountain of linen and towels - originating from what used to be the hot water closet. So no painting this week and since I have a work related overseas trip looming, I don't think I'll achieve much now before the start of December...

I play a range of gaming systems but think I might keep up the SAGA momentum for a little while longer (at least I will in December). There are two more warbands that I'd like to paint up. Kyle's Norse Gael are interesting, but their reliance on Challenges makes their gameplay quite specific. I'd like the option of playing a warband that's a little broader in scope. With that in mind it's a choice between the following.



Normans (with the option of perhaps developing a Crusader warband as well). The Fireforge models in particular look very nice.



Or Vikings.

I've already assembled a plastic Viking warband (even based and undercoated them) and since I like the no frills charm of Valhalla, I suspect I'll go with the Vikings. Hopefully by the time I've finished painting them, I'll have finished aquiring all the figures I need for the Norman warband and can then get that underway.

Of course it doesn't help that some Flemish Mercenaries turned up today and they would make a nice addition to my Anglo Danes...



  1. I'd go with the Vikings. After all, you say that you've already got the figures assembled and Vikings are the classic "draw" for the period (easier to explain to any casually interested outsiders!).

    1. Yes I agree, everybody should have a Viking warband somewhere in their collection! Vikings are nice and 'direct' in their tactics, but can be made more interesting with the addition of swords for hire. Vikings it is.