Friday 25 September 2020

Wilkinson's Campaign - Equipping the Expedition

Dan and I met up earlier this week to get the campaign up and running. There was some campaign admin to get through, but we now have the Campaign Deck built. Wilkinson has equipped his expedition and agreed to escort Miss Jenkins to her father's Mission (we will use the escorted lady rules for Miss Jenkins). 

Wilkinson has three baggage units allowing him to carry 12 objects. He chose to take the following supplies:

1 x Tents (counts as 2 carried objects)

3 x Army Rations

3 x Case of Ammunition

1 x Barrel of Rum

1 x Medicine Chest

1 x Brass Wire

1 x Glass Beads

After electing not to barter with local villagers at his base camp, Wilkinson headed off along the River Bakambo. In Campaign Turn 1 Wilkinson encounters the Swampland Outpost

Not sure we will get this game played before November(!) but stay tuned! 

A full contents for the campaign can be found here

Friday 14 August 2020

Wilkinson's Campaign - Expedition Forces

Forces used by Major Wilkinson and the Arab Slavers were originally developed by Garry Chalk for In the Heart of Africa. They are fully detailed on pg. 101 of Wargames Illustrated (270). I decided to see if I could convert the forces to something more suitable for The Men Who Would be Kings. 

I've moved these rules to their own page

A full contents for the campaign can be found here

Thursday 6 August 2020

Wilkinson's Campaign - Wild Animal Rules

It wouldn't be Africa if there were no large animals to strike fear into the hearts of the timid! The published WI campaign includes a scenario that features elephants with special rules. I've taken these rules and adapted them, using ideas borrowed from Congo, to introduce a variety of different wild animals to Wilkinson's campaign. 

Some of these animals may feature in a specific campaign, others may appear as the result of an Event Card. Hopefully they will help to spice things up a bit. Not all animals have special rules. Some encounters I thought were better dealt with simply through the text of the Event Card. 

I've moved these rules to their own page

A full contents for the campaign can be found here

Tuesday 4 August 2020

Wilkinson's Campaign Against the Slavers - Campaign Rules

This is a terrific little campaign in issue 270 of Wargames Illustrated (pp. 98-107) that has a British expeditionary force travelling along a fictional river to stem the influence of local slavers.

As written the campaign is designed for In the Heart of Africa, but it could easily be adapted for DitDC. I'm currently converting the campaign into something more suitable for MWWBKs. But since the current global pandemic has put a pause on my gaming, I decided that rather than just convert the campaign I'd have a go at expanding upon it. I've therefore added some extra scenarios and built in a baggage rule to track objects that may be collected. I've been working on this (on and off) for a few weeks now so thought it was about time to get something up on the blog to help track progress. 

***Update*** To keep things manageable and to avoid clogging up the blog feed I've decided to move all of the rules to their own pages. The Campaign Rules are now found here

A full contents list for the campaign can be found here