Monday 29 June 2015

Mystery Terrain

Lots going on at Brady HQ so blog updates are a bit sparse. A new bathroom installation is creating lots of dust, so figures are wrapped up tight and painting will have to go on hold for a while. And when I say dust, I mean DUST!

Pyramids of Mars figures and terrain are (were) coming along nicely so I'll post photos when the dust settles... In the meantime here's a photo of a mystery terrain piece that is painted but not yet flocked. I've just finished several of these. See if you can guess what it is (it's got nothing to do with the Doctor...).





Tuesday 16 June 2015

From Broadside to SELWG

Our next show will be SELWG in October. Last year Friday Night Fire Fight Club was there with two participation games, one of which was manned by myself and Kyle with SAGA C&C. Looks like we will be doing the same again this year - but this time we'll be taking the Revenants.

So the challenge is set! Do you think you can command the feckless Vikings, raid a poor defenceless monastery and get back to the longship before Mighty Kyle's Revenant horde descends upon you?! Well, just come along and try!

I have enough zombie types, but may need to give some attention to the Vikings. We're hoping to bring a Viking longship and if I can manage it I may even make and paint a section of creek. This does mean I'll have to fudge my 2015 pledge list. It's an addition to the list though, nothing is being dropped and don't worry, good progress is still being made with Pyramids...


Monday 15 June 2015

Broadside 2015

Yesterday was the annual wargaming show organised by Milton Hundred Wargames Club in Sittingbourne, Kent. I was there with the Friday Night Fire Fight Club to help with a Hail Caesar demonstration game. The nasty Romans were up to no good so the mighty Macedonians were there to teach them some manners... No guesses as to which side I was on!



In the morning, the Romans were fielded by Kyle and Liam, while the Macedonians were put under the control of myself and David H. After a heroic tussle, the Romans managed to get the upper hand with the slingers of doom finishing off what was left of the battered Macedonian army.

In the afternoon, a larger force was assembled with each side fielding two full divisions.



This time the battle was fought by David H and Dan (Romans) against John and Liam (Macedonians). The Romans managed to break the Macedonian left flank and Liam's division fled the field. But John battled on. Sadly the might of the Roman army proved too strong and the remaining Macedonian forces were vanquished.



This just about sums up the day!

While the Macedonians were getting pummelled, I had a chance to look around the rest of the show and aquire a few items of loot. There were many great games on display. But one that really caught my eye was the game set in the Congo.




Great job on the rainforest trees, deservedly winning this board the award for best scenery.



A really stunning effort and I wish I had been able to sit down a play a game.


Kyle and Adam had a good time playing Bullets and Brains by East Street Games.



I liked the abandoned cars on this table and have an idea for using something similar in a Doctor Who scenario...



I thought the chimney smoke was very effective on this table. Simple, but effective.




There were lots of other great looking tables that I failed to get photos of. The cries of the Macedonians was too much to bare and I had to return to the battlefield to mock John's poor dice...

Thanks to everybody who came along to say hello and see you all again next year!


Thursday 11 June 2015

Sir Christopher Lee (1922 - 2015)

Very sad to hear today that Sir Christopher Lee passed away on Sunday. A real legend of the British film industry appearing in many of my favourite movies; often alongside another childhood hero - Peter Cushing.

When I was growing up, Christopher Lee was Dracula.
But it was the Wicker Man that I believe was Lee's greatest film...

Lee's performance was truly mesmerising as the Scottish island lord intent on sacrificing Edward Woodward to Pagan Gods! If you haven't seen this film, go and watch it now - and I don't mean the remake!! 

A small humble tribute from a rather insignificant blog, but well meant. 

Tuesday 9 June 2015

Meet us at Broadside!

Quick reminder that Broadside is on Sunday 14th June.



The show is organised by Milton Hundred Wargames Club. I will be there with Friday Night Fire Fight Club helping to run a Hail Caesar game. Hopefully our heroic Macedonians will give the rotten Romans a good going over... If you want to come over and say hi, we're on stand G6 - just in front of Fenris Games.


Friday 5 June 2015

Somewhere Close to the River Nile...

Beneath an ancient pyramid something stirs...



"You pit your puny will against mine?"

"I see you Doctor!"

"Soon Doctor, Soon..."




"I am Sutekh the Destroyer. Where I tread I leave nothing but dust and darkness. I find that good!"


Stay tuned...



Wednesday 3 June 2015

Pyramids of Mars - Scenery Progress Update

Well not so much a progress update but since Hugh asked I thought I'd list out the Egyptian ruins I have collected thus far. Many of these items will be used in Death on the Nile, while some will also populate rooms in the Priory.

The following items are all by Fenris. I bought a £50 loyalty card which entitled me to £100 worth of models. Not bad!






This small arch may be turned into a tomb entrance. I've bought some cork and I'm now after some hard foam.

The remaining Fenris models are smaller items that will be used to decorate larger pieces of terrain and act as objective markers.






The next three items are all by Scotia Grendel and will be turned into tomb entrances.





I also have a Renedra tent set for the archaeologist and intrepid explorers.



As if that lot isn't enough I've also bought a few bits of aquarium scenery. An arch is currently being painted. The rest you'll have to wait to see!

Lastly, just to prove I am moving forward with some of this...



He's now under coated and I've started to base coat. In the show, the back wall is dark purple. I'm planning on making Sutekh's prison more tomb like and have an idea...


Tuesday 2 June 2015

To Repaint or Not to Repaint...

I have a couple of the old Games Workshop foam scenery pieces, but can't decide whether I should repaint them. Here's the Cemetary.



What's great about these models is that they are nicely detailed but remain fairly robust. I've made up quite a few items of scatter terrain as part of my drive to catch up on the basics and create scenery for various scenarios. Storing terrain can be a problem - especially if you use tufts. Items can't simply be stored on top of each other, otherwise the tufts and other more fragile bits get squished. Transporting terrain can be a nightmare. All that careful work can be so easily ruined... So, the GW scenery is useful because it's easy to store and easy to transport. Yet... It's just crying out for a makeover to really make it pop!



But I don't want to ruin the terrain. So what do others think? Repaint or leave alone? If you've repainted any of these foam pieces, do you have any tips, especially with regards to removing (or painting over) the bright green grass and priming in a way that doesn't melt the foam?

Oh, and in case you're wondering... The Cemetary will find its way into a secluded wooded area, near an old dilapidated rectory... Hold on! Wasn't that statue looking the other way?!


Monday 1 June 2015

Pyramids of Mars - Progress Update

It may not appear very much, but going from this... this...



...took quite a while. All figures for the Pyramids mini campaign are now deflashed, mold lines cleaned up and based. Next up, sand and undercoat.