Friday, 25 September 2020

Wilkinson's Campaign - Arab Slaver Units

Before diving headlong into the various field forces needed by the Arab Slaver player for each scenario, I thought it would be useful to present the actual units that will be played. 


There are five scenarios presented in the original campaign by Gary Chalk. Since I've had plenty of time for preparing future games this year (hem!), I've expanded upon this somewhat. However, to keep things manageable I've tried to use the same selection of units arranged in different compositions and numbers. Where-ever possible I've upgraded or downgraded units using the options available in MWWBKs. But to give flavour to some units, I've added a few new traits of my own. 

The various Arab Slaver field forces are therefore generally made up from the following units:

- Zanzibar Soldiers x 12: Irregular infantry, well-armed; (5pts)

- Askari Free-men x 12: Irregular infantry; (4pts)

- Poorly Equipped Askari x 12: Irregular infantry, antiquated muskets; (3pts)

- Baluchi Swordsmen x 12: Irregular infantry, fierce, sharpshooters, antiquated muskets; (6pts) 

- Ruga Ruga x 12: Irregulars, fierce, antiquated muskets, when attacked in melee by a unit with more figures the Ruga Ruga suffer temporary -1 to discipline, when attacking a unit with fewer figures the Ruga Ruga gain temporary +1 to discipline (4pts) 

Smooth bore canon: Field gun, 4 crew, undrilled; (4pts)

Other units that may be encountered during scenarios (without revealing too many spoilers here!):

- Villagers x 16: Tribal infantry, non-combatants: fighting suffers -1 penalty so hitting on 6 instead of 5; (2pts)

- Bunduki x 16: Tribal infantry, antiquated muskets, unenthusiastic; (3pts)

-Pygmy Warriors x 16: Tribal infantry, fierce, well-armed sharpshooters with range of thrown spear, use poison: figures killed by pygmies always count as killed so no post battle roll allowed, skilled skirmishers: may either move at full rate and fire with half figures or fire with all figures and move at half rate, other skirmishing rules apply; (7pts)

- Pygmy Archers x 16: Tribal infantry, well-armed sharpshooters with range of bow, use poison (see above), skilled skirmishers (see above); (7pts)

- Cannibal Warriors x 16: Tribal infantry, cause Terror in enemy irregular and tribal units: When an enemy unit attacks it suffers temporary -1 penalty to discipline. When cannibals attack, enemy unit suffers temporary -2 penalty to discipline; (5pts)

- Tribal Fanatics x 16: Tribal infantry, fierce, free actions are Move and Attack. Stand To is ordered action. Must attack if visible enemy in range, To the Death! Never take pin test or receive pins through any means; (7pts)

Some of these units are very strong and encountering several of them at full strength would likely cause Wilkinson something of a headache. I've therefore been careful to balance scenarios. We want the scenarios to be challenging but don't want Wilkinson to get slaughtered in his first action. Units can therefore be fielded at half strength (or even fewer). To do this I simply half the points cost of the unit. So a half strength unit of cannibals will cost just 2.5pts etc. 

Dan and I met up earlier this week to get the campaign up and running. There was some campaign admin to get through, but we now have the Campaign Deck built. Wilkinson has equipped his expedition and agreed to escort Miss Jenkins to her father's Mission (we will use the escorted lady rules for Miss Jenkins). After electing not to barter with local villagers at his base camp, Wilkinson headed off along the River Bakambo.  Campaign Turn 1 begins with Wilkinson encountering the Swampland Outpost

Not sure we will get this game played before November(!) but stay tuned! 


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