Friday 31 October 2014

Baggy Trousers and a Rocky Outcrop

One point of hearthguard and a warlord left to complete. The target for completion was end of October and I believe I can now announce mission accomplished!



Four old Citadel figures that will form the last point of Norse Gael hearthguard. I particularly like the fellow on the left with the baggy trousers, painted yellow for extra effect. Rather than use Little Big Men transfers I once again tried a bit of freehand on the shields.



The bases have been completed with the same blend of spring/summer static grass. This time though I decided to only use grassy tufts (rather than heather). Although these figures were originally intended as Norse Gael, Kyle's use of a priest means that they now tip the warband over to 7 points. I therefore decided to finish them in a way that will blend in with a general Viking warband.

So, onto the the grande finale. Whither the warlord?



Here he is, stood atop a craggy rock formation. No free hand shield this time, back to Little Big Men...



Originally I had planned to paint his fur cloak grey. However, after completing the figure I realised the cloak blended in too much to the rocks. So I redid it white.


So there we have it. Six points (seven if we include the priest) of Norse Gaels, ready to join the Anglo Danes in next week's SAGA event at Canterbury. I'm hoping to give Kyle a couple of practice games with his new warband this weekend. Who knows, I may even get to write one up as a battle report.


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  1. ...and Kyle's Warlord will be called "Kyle the Kourageous!" Hope he has fun at the tourney.