Friday 24 October 2014

Bless You My Child...

Well, you've all now met The Anglo Dane Albonite Female and Ox (who some have likened to Hulk Hogan...). Now it's time to meet the heavy hitters.



Not quite sure what the monk like fellow is carrying in his sack, but hey if it's edible who cares!



These three old Citadel Clerics will find their way into Christian warbands as Warrior Priests. Although they still cost a point, Warrior Priests only generate a single SAGA die (unlike the Religious Advisor's two dice). However, these mace armed heavies have a few tricks up their sleeve. Not only do they all benefit from 'We Obey' and 'Side by Side', but Warrior Priests come with 3 attacks and their own unique ability - The Blade that Punishes. At the cost of a SAGA die, this last ability increases the Warrior Priest's attacks from 3 to 6 and enables units engaging in melee via Side by Side to gain one extra attack per two models. Yikes!



  1. Nice paint jobs! Why do I feel like this religion thing for Saga feels like Warhammer 40K? Ah heck with it, I'll paint one up anyway.


    1. Thanks Kevin. I know what you mean about fantasy elements. To be honest though that's one of the things that first drew me to SAGA. I like the history, but also appreciate the flexibility in drawing in a few fantasy elements. Look at the NG heroes for good examples of this. Some of these figures will also find their way into fantasy battles at some point.

  2. It's always good to reuse old figures for a new interest!

    I've only just got the "Crescent and the Cross" rules myself, so it will take a little while before I've figured out the strengths and weaknesses of all the various new advisers, priests &c.