Monday 15 June 2015

Broadside 2015

Yesterday was the annual wargaming show organised by Milton Hundred Wargames Club in Sittingbourne, Kent. I was there with the Friday Night Fire Fight Club to help with a Hail Caesar demonstration game. The nasty Romans were up to no good so the mighty Macedonians were there to teach them some manners... No guesses as to which side I was on!



In the morning, the Romans were fielded by Kyle and Liam, while the Macedonians were put under the control of myself and David H. After a heroic tussle, the Romans managed to get the upper hand with the slingers of doom finishing off what was left of the battered Macedonian army.

In the afternoon, a larger force was assembled with each side fielding two full divisions.



This time the battle was fought by David H and Dan (Romans) against John and Liam (Macedonians). The Romans managed to break the Macedonian left flank and Liam's division fled the field. But John battled on. Sadly the might of the Roman army proved too strong and the remaining Macedonian forces were vanquished.



This just about sums up the day!

While the Macedonians were getting pummelled, I had a chance to look around the rest of the show and aquire a few items of loot. There were many great games on display. But one that really caught my eye was the game set in the Congo.




Great job on the rainforest trees, deservedly winning this board the award for best scenery.



A really stunning effort and I wish I had been able to sit down a play a game.


Kyle and Adam had a good time playing Bullets and Brains by East Street Games.



I liked the abandoned cars on this table and have an idea for using something similar in a Doctor Who scenario...



I thought the chimney smoke was very effective on this table. Simple, but effective.




There were lots of other great looking tables that I failed to get photos of. The cries of the Macedonians was too much to bare and I had to return to the battlefield to mock John's poor dice...

Thanks to everybody who came along to say hello and see you all again next year!



  1. There are some good-looking games there; sounds like a nice day out. Mind you, the thought of bare, crying Macedonians is a bit off-putting :-) !

    1. Thanks, we had a great day. Ray over at Don't Throw a One has done a much better job than me with photos of the other games:

  2. I did hover around your table for a while, but you didn't say Hi, as you were all having far to much fun!

    1. Sorry Ray we were laughing at all of the poor dice rolls! Next time interrupt and throw the dice for us!!

    2. The two young lads were a little unhappy while I was there, they'd just lost their Roman cohort, then your General Alexander took a hit, which bought a massive cheer, then they found out he was only wounded...poor chaps!
      I just re-read my comment above, it sounds bloody awful!!! I meant to
      to say "I didn't say hi"
      Good grief what a tit!

    3. Don't worry they perked up quickly enough when the Roman slingers caused what was left of the Macedonian army to rout!