Tuesday 16 June 2015

From Broadside to SELWG

Our next show will be SELWG in October. Last year Friday Night Fire Fight Club was there with two participation games, one of which was manned by myself and Kyle with SAGA C&C. Looks like we will be doing the same again this year - but this time we'll be taking the Revenants.

So the challenge is set! Do you think you can command the feckless Vikings, raid a poor defenceless monastery and get back to the longship before Mighty Kyle's Revenant horde descends upon you?! Well, just come along and try!

I have enough zombie types, but may need to give some attention to the Vikings. We're hoping to bring a Viking longship and if I can manage it I may even make and paint a section of creek. This does mean I'll have to fudge my 2015 pledge list. It's an addition to the list though, nothing is being dropped and don't worry, good progress is still being made with Pyramids...


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