Sunday 11 February 2024

Wilkinson's Campaign - The Wasimba Village

The expedition has arrived at a village of the Wasimba people. Wilkinson has struck camp close to the river while he discusses the slaver threat with the village leader, Lengalama. Meanwhile, the local Arabs have decided to burn the village and enslave any surviving villagers. 

The villagers are peaceful and any locations along the river that they control are considered friendly. 

A young lad is looking after the cattle, unaware that the slavers intend to eat beef tonight! 

Some of Wilkinson's men are gathering firewood whilst another unit is on water detail. The remainder of the expedition are in camp, resting under the strong African sun. 

The slavers approach the village using a large rock formation as cover. 

And they have a small canon! 

Unfortunately the Slavers hadn't bargained on the presence of a British expedition. 

Especially not one accompanied by a gunboat! 

Still, nothing ventured... The slavers make a rush for the village. 

But come under a hail of bullets from the naval landing party. Soon the sound of gunfire from the boat can also be heard... 

Fortunately, two of the previously drawn event cards are in effect for this scenario. 

Who's playing 'Roll out the Barrel?!' 

Although the gunboat is too big to be damaged by the herd, the crew struggle to control the vessel. 

Perhaps now is the time for the slavers to rush the village from the other side of the rock formation... 

The landing party are caught unawares and 3 men fall. But the British gunfire really is something to behold...

... at least for a short time! 

It's very difficult to run away and carry a canon at the same time... 

End of Game Wrap Up!

At the end of the game, Wilkinson discarded a Cases of Ammunition card and it was then time for a head count. 

All of the slavers were either killed or fled into the bush to be eaten by lions. The slavers once again inflicted few casualties on the expedition so no VP were awarded for destroying enemy units. They captured no villagers, nor did they manage to rustle the cattle into the elephant grass. It was a game short on vp for the slavers. 

Wilkinson managed to protect the village and destroy all of the slaver units for a total of 18 vp. Mrs. Wilkinson will be very proud!  After the post battle roll Wilkinson found he had lost a regular, 3 men from the naval brigade and 2 of his skilled Askari. 

Lengelama was so grateful he presented Wilkinson with a carved bone. Seeing the look on Wilkinson's face, the wise chieftain also offered Wilkinson the services of a guide, some skilled archers and a group of young bunduki. Now pleased with how his offer was received, the chief also presented Wilkinson with porters and a bunch of medicinal herbs. Whilst mulling over his collection of bones, Wilkinson is approached by a bespectacled man in safari attire. He introduces himself as Professor Challenger and exclaims “My good sir! Let me relieve you of those bones. I’ve been trying to wrangle them off the old dog for days…”.

At the start of Campaign Turn 4 Wilkinson was presented with a dilemma. 

Ignoring the advice of his guides, Wilkinson chooses to press ahead through the jungle and encounter the Sacred Bones

Wilkinson will start the next battle with the following items:

1 x Tents (counts as 2 carried objects)

2 x Army Rations

2 x Case of Ammunition

1 x Barrel of Rum

1 x Medicine Chest

1 x Bush Meat

2 x Medicinal Herbs

2 x Carved Bones (now in the care of Prof. Challenger)

Campaign Points

At the end of the campaign Wilkinson will be awarded a number of campaign points. The more CP, the greater his success and the more accolade his expedition will receive. CPs are awarded for winning battles, freeing slaves and destroying the slaver’s tembe. CPs may also be awarded for making discoveries during the expedition or completing other objectives. 

Wilkinson has gained 6 CPs for winning three scenarios and safely delivering Miss Jenkins to her father's mission. Another CP is added for protecting the Wasimba village for a total of 7 CP. His collection of carved bones may also earn him extra CPs if they are still with the expedition at the end of the campaign. Since the expedition is now accompanied by the film crew, extra CP may also be gained if the crew successfully complete their movie.


  1. What a fabulous encounter and I do love your table set up. May I ask if the canoes were scratchbuilt or bought?

  2. Thanks Michael. We played this one a while ago and it's taken far too long to write-up! The canoes were bought from Front Line Wargaming (

    1. Thanks so much for the link Lee. I had thought about making some from balsa wood but for £3.50 this seems like a much quicker solution! Trying hard not to add the 'African Princess' to the order!

    2. Must admit I went a bit mad and you'll no doubt see more of their stuff in future reports!