Sunday, 7 September 2014

Norse Gael Progress Update

Lids have been opened, cans sprayed and brushes, er, brushed. They are not finished yet, but a start has been made on the Norse Gaels!



The whole warband has now been under coated. After reading some comments on a web forum, I decided to try a different primer. I prefer to undercoat figures grey and until now have used Plasticote (or something) from the local craft shop. It's ok, but does tend to gum up and after painting the Anglo Danes I'm convinced it leaves a grainy surface. Anyway after a bit of research I decided to buy a can of primer from Halfords.



It's early days but the spray appears to cover figures very evenly and leaves a nice smooth surface for painting.



The first lot of figures I'm tackling are Norse Gael warriors, armed with javelins - 12 of them. These are all plastic figures and the base coat is now complete. Washes and highlights will be applied hopefully later today. These warriors will also have shields, but these are being painted separately.

On a different note I recently had a really great game of SAGA at the Friday Night Firefight Club. My Anglo Danes faced Adam's nasty Normans. It was a close game of Clash of Warlords with the Normans slightly ahead on points until the last turn of the game. My warlord with huscarls then cleared away a unit of crossbow armed warriors to leave the Norman warlord all alone. Fourteen attack dice later and it was all over. One interesting thing about this game was the impact of the new terrain rules on the Norman cavalry. In short, don't charge horse mounted troops into uneven ground! The fatigue mounted very quickly on Adam's warriors and after a clash with my levy, they became exhausted and I was able to eliminate the two surviving warriors using the Anglo Dane Exhausted battle board ability. We didn't think that this rule change unbalanced the game in any way, but I'm sure it will affect how other warbands deploy cavalry.



  1. I've used Halfords grey and black primers for years now and am completely satisfied with the results. Don't know about this "anti rust" stuff, though :-) ...

    1. Well, al least the metal figures shouldn't corrode... Now painting the shields on this javelin unit, with a Dane Axe warrior unit also getting its base colours. Nothing like a deadline to keep the paint flowing!