Saturday, 27 September 2014

Can I Count Three Points?

I found a little extra time before the Space Hulk challenge yesterday, so...



... I thought it would be a constructive use of time to start cutting out LBM shield transfers and applying static grass to bases.



This Norse Gael unit will include 10 Dane Axe armed warriors. The two extra figures will be added to an eight strong unit of metal figures (base coat started on these believe it or not). Shield transfers were added to 13 plastic shields (one spare 'just in case'). Since the figures will all be used for gaming, I've attached the shields to figures using epoxy resin for a firm bond. Since epoxy takes a while to dry, I also used a small spot of superglue to hold each shield in place while the epoxy dried.



I repeated my earlier two colour blend when applying static grass. PVA glue (watered down to make it flow into gaps better) is first applied to each base. I have two sheets of paper on the floor with one shade of grass in a plastic applicator on each. The dark shade is applied first, followed by the lighter shade. I then use a make-up 'blusher' brush to gently remove grass from unglued parts of the models. By brushing around the edges of the base upwards, it also helps to make the grass stand erect. A dry paint brush is used to get to fidly parts, especially feet.

The two boxes show the vegetation tufts I use for the Norse Gaels. Most figures have heather, but one or two have wild grass instead - for variety. These work a treat and really add character to the figures.



When I returned home last night, the glue had dried sufficiently to allow me to touch up the paintwork on the shields. The shield rims are leather, with a sepia ink wash applied. I decided to get this done last night so I can varnish this morning. Although the figures are already varnished, the transfers need a coat of gloss to protect them and prevent future shrinking. Once the gloss has fully dried (probably Sunday), I will apply a final coat of matt to remove the glossy shine. And then they are done! twenty four figures completed representing three points of warriors. Next up are more Dane Axe warriors, but we are now talking metal. Stay tuned!



  1. Looking good. I think the basework is some of the nicest I've seen in a long time.

    1. Thanks! Since figures on the gaming table tend to be seen from a way away, I think it is really worthwhile putting effort into shields and bases. These are what catch the eye and help pull the warband together on the table.