Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Stop Throwing Those Bloody Spears at Me!

Here we go, the first fully painted unit of Norse Gael - 12 javelin armed warriors.



These are made up from a mix of Gripping Beast's Dark Age Warriors and Wargames Factory Viking Bondi. All figures are plastic and shield transfers are once again by Little Big Men. I'm not a great fan of plastic figures, detail tends to be a bit 'soft' and I find them a bit of a challenge to paint (if you'll excuse the Norse Gael pun). But at least they are relatively cheap and can be assembled in lots of different poses.

I've had a rethink about bases and decided to mix static grass with tufts (or heather in this case). I used two diffent shades of grass, with a darker blend applied first and the lighter grass applied over the top.



I'm quite pleased with the effect and am now considering redoing my Anglo Danes in a similar way (with grass tufts rather than heather of course).


Next up are more plastic warriors, this time with Dane Axes. These are also approaching completion and more photos will follow soon.




  1. Nicely done! I like the idea of two different types of static grass. I've been painting Rhodesian (bush war) stuff in between my Saga stuff and I think I may try that on them.


    1. Thanks Kevin. I also made sure that some areas of the base remained visible through the grass (mainly around the edge). Bases were covered in sand as usual painted brown, washed with ink and dry brushed with GW Deneb Stone. Dry brushing was heavier towards the edge of the base. Blending different shades of grass together gives the base a more realistic look I think.