Sunday 29 March 2015

Terrain (and a few other things)!

Making and painting terrain has kept me pretty busy recently. I decided I needed to make an effort to get some of the 'basic stuff' done. For the past year I've been playing at the Friday Night Fire Fire Club where there is ample terrain provided. I've therefore been a bit lazy getting my own projects finished. Well, no more!

Counting up all of the terrain completed this year is tricky so I'll list it all out... 5 small woods, 3 medium woods, 1 rocky ground, GW Walls/fence kit (~10 items), 2 ploughed fields, 1 cave, 6 moorland outcrops, 15 unpaved road sections, 8 river sections, wooden bridge, stone bridge, 12 telegraph poles, Sontaran spaceship, communication module, transmat circle, 20 straight hedge sections and finally 10 moorland tokens.


Yes I've been busy with terrain this year! Here's some of it in use today during a game of SAGA.



The rocky ground has been made by modelling some circular holes with milliput. Rocks have been painted onto individual bases and these are then fitted into the spaces. Like this...



The advantage of doing it like this is that the rocks can be moved when figures are placed. The woodland has all been done the same way. Another advantage is that by using different tokens the terrain can double as something else. I have tokens with no rocks to make basic uneven ground and tokens with cut stumps and log piles to get the same effect with the woodland bases.

A while back I posted some wip livestock. Well these are all now completed as well. Some are mounted on 40 mm bases to be used as baggage in SAGA. Others are mounted on 25 mm bases (aka 2p coins...) to be used as scenic elements, or general objective markers.



Finally here are five freshly painted ghouls for our new Mordheim campaign...



As well as the (as yet unpainted) Vikings I also have a couple of new projects. One of these has just made its way to the painting table. But more about that next time...



  1. Ah, terrain! I never have enough, at least of the right things. That's an impressive list of items completed - I'm especially interested in how you did your Sontaran spaceship.

    1. At the moment, it's just a polystyrene ball - suitably painted of course. It is fixed to a cocktail stick and the base has been finished to look like moorland. My intention is to replace this with a more suitable sphere later in the year (when Xmas decorations hit the shops again). I'm specifically looking for a tree decoration with a mesh pattern. Sadly none could be found when I was making scenery for our Sontaren Experiment game. The stand in doesn't look too bad, but won't win any prizes! I'm still painting my Doctor Who figures, but will post some photos when I'm done.