Thursday 23 July 2015

Mystery Terrain Revealed!

The bathroom is in and I think we are now rid of dust, so painting should resume soonish. I have a few items that are being painted for our SELWG game in October, starting with one of those mystery terrain pieces I posted about a couple of weeks back. Here's another photo to whet the appetite.



It's nothing spectacular, but when fully assembled looks like this...



The terrain pieces are simple bases for my dark age Anglo Saxon buildings. This building is a church manufactured by Adrian's Wall.


I cut the base so it provides a space of VS between the building and the terrain edge.



Although I'll no doubt use the bases in games such as Lion Rampant, in SAGA they provide a useful visual guide to permitted movement areas. I didn't go too mad with extra scenery items on the bases so figures can be placed. However, for our Back to the Longship game in October I'm painting up some loose items that can be placed as needed (tables, benches etc). More on that another time, still lots to make and paint.

In the meantime another Kickstarter project arrived today.




These are Basius 2 pads that are used to make scatter terrain and figure bases. Green stuff is squashed into the base and when pulled off has the imprint of the terrain. I ordered Imperial and Victoriana to make stone floors and cobbles etc. I'll post up some pictures once I've had a go with them.



  1. Replies
    1. Cheers! I believe you have one of the church's as well?

  2. That's a nice church, though I know I didn't guess it correctly when you first showed the base. Oh, well...

    Hah - I've just received a couple of Basius2 pads as well! Small world :-) .

    1. Thanks, the buildings all come pre-painted and are very nice. The roofs of larger buildings can be removed to allow troops to be placed inside. I intend on doing some more bases. These are intended mainly for SAGA, but since the buildings come with no base I can make different types for different situations. A small village springs to mind, with track, fencing and other bits and pieces...