Tuesday, 15 September 2015

River Shoreline Terrain

Quick update on the river shoreline terrain I am making for SELWG. Previously I've cut the boards needed for the adjustable shoreline sections. Yesterday I glued various pieces of polystyrene to the boards to provide some relief. I've also glued some pieces of cork that will provide a small cliff.



The six boards make up four feet of shoreline. I've constructed the cliffs in such a way that the two boards will fit together when required (the cork was cut down the middle with each section glued to a different board). In the photo above the cork sections are at either end of the river. The idea is that the cliffs will provide a barrier at either end of the board.



The central boards will have shingle banks and provide a suitable location for the Viking Longship.



These central sections therefore represent the area that the fleeing Vikings must reach after looting the monastery.

I've also managed to apply filler to the boards. This covers the polystyrene in typical wargamer's hill type fashion.




Next I need to apply small stones to represent rocks and cover the remainder with sand. I have to wait for the filler to set first though.




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    1. Thanks Gordon. Slow progress today alas, but I have managed to glue pebbles to the beach.