Sunday, 27 March 2016

SAGA Invasions

Finally! Straight from the horse's mouth! Studio Tomahawk have finally divulged some information on the SAGA supplement hitherto known as Age of Arthur. Well, it looks like the supplement will actually be called Invasions. Here's what Studio Tomahawk had to say on their Facebook page (translated from French):


Hello, happy Easter.

The absence of publication of the last month was only due to the preparation of an important part of the history of saga.

While with the croissant & the cross, we were exploring the destinies crusaders of the knights parties in the holy land and of the struggle of oriental to defend their land, with the next volume of saga we're going back further in time and explore the origin of the Dark ages.

Imagine 6 new factions featuring of Britons, Saxon invaders, Romans, Huns, the goths and picts. To lead them to the battle, heroes colorful as aetius, Attila, Arthur, vortigern and other will carry you in an era where the borders Roman suffer the battering incessant barbarians at their doors.

New factions, new mercenaries to join your tapes, a system of campaign and a range of figures are in the programme. Your habits of games will be to review, to reform to establish a new style of play in a system of campaign very original and unexpected.

Latest tests have been carried out there's a few days by our team of valiant fighters. They have experienced the trays, the scenarios, and the infernal campaign: defend the frontier to face the invaders!

Saga: invasion is now entered into production.

It's for when? I see you in advance, we ask the question... Not before the end of the year. The rest is in the hands of the gods...



Firstly - it won't be available until the end of the year - boo! But at least this will help save further damage on my wallet at Salute...

Secondly, Britons, Late Romans, Saxons, Huns, Goths and Picts! Fantastic! Fits in perfectly with the historical period I am collecting for Hail Caesar.

Thirdly, a campaign system? Hmm?! I wonder how this will mesh with Gripping Beast's soon to be released Age of the Wolf? Presumably each campaign system will be specific to their respective time periods so there won't be too many conflicts. I wonder who is actually authoring Age of the Wolf though?





  1. Cant wait! Just enough time to get the troops back in shape! My Saxons are woefully under-bannered, and a unit of mounted Brits are still in their all-black camo... ;)

    1. I have quite a few Britons but they are mounted for Hail Caesar. But I can add more on individual bases that can then be used for SAGA or put on sabot trays for Hail Caesar. Wonder if they'll include rules for chariots?

  2. Pict leader in chariot in the photos, but who knows how it plays? I've been chomping at the bit for this one!

  3. Sounds interesting, but I'm heavily invested in Viking Age already (and interested in the Crusades as well).

    1. Me too! But I also want to merge my Ancient Britons with my Dark Age warbands via Arthur and Merlin!