Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Blood Eagle - Prelude to The Raid...

Johan jumped down from his longship and waded through the shallows. He knew that glory and riches lay ahead, but night was nearly upon them so they must make haste. Leading his men from the river they skirted around an area of marsh and came to a narrow but fast flowing stream. A rickety wooden bridge could be seen in the distance. One by one, they crossed.

"Hmm..." thought Johan, "this could prove useful in a tight spot!"

Beyond the bridge lay a vast forest full of untold terrors. Not daring to venture forth in the fading light they made camp.

The church was surrounded by fields and hedgerows. Villagers piled the last of the hay into large stacks before returning to the shelter of their homes. A low mist started to rise, engulfing the distant trees.



Wulfestan looked up from his broth and with a scowl he studied the forest.

"Death stalks the greenwood tonight lads"

"Aye Lord" replied Ailred.

Sigered wrapped his cloak tighter about him and eyed the Huscarle. Ailred's mighty two handed axe glowed red in the fading light. Sigered gently reached for his staff and grasped the bronze crucifix at its tip. Sigered had seen visions before and knew them to be the work of the devil. But now, he could see nothing. It was as though his friend Ailred was no longer there.




Wulfestan stood and turning his back to the forest he said in a low voice.

"The pagans must have landed by now. But not even they will cross the greenwood till the 'morrow".

"Time to sleep..."


The Raid



  1. Lovely terrain, Who makes the buildings?

  2. Thanks, the buildings are all from Adrian's Wall - although I added the bases to confirm to SAGA VS standards.