Sunday, 18 September 2016

Games and More Games!

It's been quite a week! The hot weather followed by very heavy rain has prevented me from doing my day job, so I've managed to get quite a bit of painting finished (archaeologists, camels and even some figures from Congo are nearing completion). I've also managed to get quite a few games in. Along with yesterday's Doctor Who game I had a fantastic game of C&C The Great War with John at Friday Night Firefight Club.


A really super game!

If that wasn't enough, today was our (now annual) Hail Caesar big game! There were at least 1500 points per side on the (large!) table with five divisions of Romans battling against three divisions of Macedonians supported by two divisions of Indians. My Celts entered as Gaul mercenaries - available to the highest bidder! The Macedonians won the bid for the Gauls and the Romans found themselves on the wrong end of several hundred very sharp sticks!


Thanks to everyone for making it such a great day!  


  1. Hot weather? What hot weather?

    Sounds like a great deal of progress there: painting *and* games played. Can't be bad, right :-) ?

  2. Out of curiosity, what payment did you accept for your Gauls to join the Macedonians? If it was jelly babies then I can completely understand you wanting to join their side...

    1. The two sides had to bid (1 - 20), highest bid won the services of the Gauls. But the other sides takes the winning bid and has the ability to force that number of command rerolls on the other side. Sadly not a jelly baby in sight...