Saturday, 3 September 2016

Pyramids of Mars - Flight of the Intruder

The secret panel slowly slid back into place, closing the entrance to the priest hole and hiding their escape. 

"It's awfully dark down here!" exclaimed Dr. Warlock. 

"Never mind the dark, what's that awful smell?!" remarked Sarah Jane.

"I'm so terribly sorry Miss." muttered Collins "The foreign food that the Egyptian chap insists upon really doesn't agree with me..."

"Excuse me Doctor! There's daylight and fresh air ahead!"

Blinking in the daylight, Sarah Jane crawled from the mouth of the cave. 

"Oh dear. Doctor, I think we have trouble!"

"Do be careful Sarah" said the Doctor as he gently pulled Sarah Jane back into the cave before emerging to assess the situation. 

The Doctor, Sarah Jane, Dr. Warlock and Collins the butler had managed to escape from Namin but now found themselves in the grounds of The Priory being hunted by the Egyptian's murderous servitor robots - disguised as ancient mummies. 

"If we can get to The Lodge we can ask Marcus' brother Laurence for help" suggested Warlock. 

"Good plan!" whispered the Doctor "We'd best get going."


The Doctor hurried his companions from the cave and the group crept towards the Lodge climbing over rocks that blocked their path. Nearby a lone mummy stood guard.

Carefully taking aim, The Doctor's sonic screwdriver let out a pulse of energy and the closest mummy crumpled to the ground. 

"Run!" shouted The Doctor.

But another mummy stood between them and the Lodge. 

"Sarah!" shouted The Doctor "where are you going?"

Sarah suddenly became disorientated and wandered off in the direction of the pursuing mummies! 

Realising her error, Sarah retreated from the pursuing mummy. 

Meanwhile, Collins made a quick dash for The Lodge but found himself face to face with a mummy. Screaming with fear Collins fled and threw himself into a thicket. 

Seeing his chance, Warlock made for a gap in the hedge. But he was too slow!

A bandaged hand reached out and Warlock found himself held tight. Too tight! Before he had chance to call for help Warlock's lifeless body fell to the ground. 

"Help!" shouted Sarah Jane as yet more mummies advanced. 

Overcoming his fear, Collins scrambled through the gap in the hedge. 

A shot rang out in the woods, Namin had arrived! 

But it was too late, The Doctor and Sarah Jane managed to evade the mummy that stood over Warlock's lifeless body and ran towards the Lodge. 

"You chaps look like you could do with a drink." remarked Laurence "Best come in!"




  1. Excellent. Can't wait for the next installment!

    1. Thanks Gordon. We had a double bill of games so the next report is now up as well

  2. Amazing how fun role playing can be and help you write stories at the same time!!!


    1. It's good fun playing these games with Kyle and he likes me writing up the stories around them. They also make a great lasting memory of the occasion.

  3. What fabulous fun, it looks amazing.

  4. Another great instalment, will crack on with the next one then ;-)