Sunday, 4 September 2016

Pyramids of Mars - May the Force (Field) Be With You

Once again escaping Namin and his servitor robots, The Doctor, Sarah Jane and Collins the butler join Laurence Clemons in his hunting lodge.

"Poor Dr. Warlock." sighs Sara Jane.

On a table before them sits an unusual scientific instrument...

The Doctor examines the apparatus and uses his sonic screwdriver to decode the bleeps it is emitting.

"B e w a r e  S u t e k h ..."

"How could you possibly know that!" exclaims Laurence.

"Well you see, Mr. Scarman" replies The Doctor "I have the advantage of being slightly ahead if you. Sometimes behind you, but normally ahead of you."

"I see" 

Smiling, The Doctor turns to Laurence "I'm sure you don't, but it's very nice of you to try."

"But what are we to do?" asks Sarah.

"I have a plan. But the grounds appear to be shielded by some type of force field." replies The Doctor "We must first find a way to disable it..."

The Doctor and Sarah Jane leave Laurence and the still trembling Collins in the Lodge and make their way across the grounds of The Priory. 

"Look!" Exclaims The Doctor

Sarah Jane looks to where The Doctor is pointing "Egyptian urns?"  

"Of course, Egyptian urns! We'll find a control mechanism for the force field in one of them, I'm sure." states The Doctor.

While pondering what to do next, the sound of snapping twigs can be heard in the distance and four robot mummies appear from the dense undergrowth. 

"Let's distract them." says The Doctor.

[Mighty Kyle rolls a 6 allowing him to move all six figures on the table]

The mummies inexplicably shuffle their way into a thicket, while The Doctor and Sarah Jane carefully make their way to the first urn.

But as they move around the trees, a nasty surprise awaits.

The Doctor catches his foot in a poacher's snare set earlier in the day by Clements. 


The Doctor falls to the ground, stunned.

Regaining his composure, The Doctor nurses his sore ankle and examines the closest urn.

But it is empty! 

Meanwhile the robot mummies shuffle ever closer.

"We'd best split up Doctor" says Sarah Jane as she disappears behind a thicket.

"Be careful Sarah!" warns The Doctor. 

The Doctor approaches the second urn but is confronted by a robot mummy. The Doctor takes aim with his sonic screwdriver and the mummy falls to the ground, stunned.

But the second urn is also empty!

Disabling two more robot mummies, The Doctor follows Sarah Jane to the third urn.

Before she can reach the urn, Sarah Jane is ambushed!

"Help!" She screams.

But to no avail, she is grabbed by the mummy. Struggle as she might Sarah Jane is unable to free herself and the mummy drags her back towards The Priory.

Unable to run because of the difficult ground conditions, The Doctor eventually finds his way to the third and final urn.

"Sarah!" shouts The Doctor. "Where on earth is she?"

The Doctor opens the urn but is unable to deactivate the mechanism.

[Kyle failed his intelligence test, but then plays this]

"ah hah!" exclaims The Doctor. With a click the mechanism switches off and the force field around The Priory powers down.

"But where is Sarah?" He puzzles.

Distracted by Sarah's disappearance he doesn't realise the approaching danger, until it is too late!

The robot mummies have reactivated themselves and one strikes The Doctor. Spinning to confront his foe, The Doctor attempts to deactivate it with his sonic screwdriver.

But fails, three times! 

His luck deserting him, The Doctor crumples to the ground...

With a muffled yell, Sarah Jane looks on horrified. The world suddenly goes fuzzy and then dark as a musty, bandaged hand covers her face...

Stay tuned for Damsel in Distress


  1. Things are looking bleak for our heroes

    1. Nothing like a good cliff hanger at the end of an episode!

  2. To start with, I was thinking that the robot mummies weren't very effective. But they came through in the end! Very atmospheric (and good use of event cards all the way through!)

    1. We've tweaked the scenarios to give each player vp for specific actions. Capturing Sarah Jane was my main priority in this game. Disabling the force field was Kyle's. The Doctor falling foul of a mummy was just a bonus!