Thursday 23 March 2017

SAGA Iron Man Day

Richard Keenan brought his fantastic painted Dark Age armies and terrain to Canterbury last Sunday (19th March) for a Friday Night Fire Fight Club Iron Man Special!

It was an excellent day, with folks having the opportunity to play with new warbands against opponents old and new. My first game was with Franks. I've never played them before and there was some head scratching to begin with...

Overall a brilliant day. Thank you to all the warlords for helping to dish the pain and huge thanks to Rich and Gripping Beast for making it happen.

So, who's the Canterbury Iron Man? None other than Mr. John Fry of course (aka Ducat). Well done!


  1. Hey Lee, I have the Franks and played them a bit. I'd be interested in hearing what you have to say about them. One of the tougher army boards to get in sync with.


    1. Hi Kevin. They take a bit of thinking about. Potentially powerful but very unlike other warbands. Need to give then another go.