Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Congo Campaign News and Terrain

If you are a fan of Studio Tomahawks game Congo, based in Darkest Africa you'll no doubt know that a new campaign supplement is in the works.

There's now also a Wargames Illustrated video flip through available on YouTube. 

Here's a quick summary of what we know so far:

The campaign details the exploits of Mary Kingsley as she attempts to learn more about the customs of local peoples and eventually climbs Mount Cameroon by a previously unattempted route. Mary Kingsley was a rather famous Victorian lady who championed local customs and religious beliefs and even went so far as criticising the church for sending missionaries to convert people to christianity.   

Mary's White Men Expedition is opposed by a Forest Tribes column led by (I think) a witchdoctor called Ujuwa. Both characters are depicted by new figures that come with the book. 

Six new linked adventures are included in the soft back campaign book. Its tricky to tell from the video, but it looks like each of the columns has to progress along a predetermined route that is marked out on a campaign map (one for each column). Characters can discover new facts/talents as they progress and these provide bonuses. 

Four new animal encounters are included. The Savannah lion is joined by hyenas and elephant while the jungle gorilla is joined by hippopotamus and leopard. So now, when an animal stress token is drawn a d6 is rolled to determine which animal appears. 

Sadly, it looks like there are no new 'environments', although there are new dangerous terrain tables for Savannah and Jungle. Not really sure why these are needed? 

The campaign looks like it will be fun and is something that I think will make the Congo ruleset really shine. 

My own Congo columns and scenery are coming along. I also play Death in the Dark Continent and Men Who Would be Kings. My African Kingdoms column has therefore been expanded and I now have fully playable Azande forces for all three games. Since most of the scenarios that I have played in DitDC and mwwbk are either grassland, steppe or savannah based, this has been the focus of my terrain building. 

My savannah terrain is therefore well advanced and I have more than enough to play savannah based Congo adventures. 

Of course, you can never have enough and I'll no doubt be adding more to this! 

I now need to create some suitable jungle terrain. Lots of work in progress on this front that needs a whole new post. But in the meantime here's a few teasers...

First up, some blocking terrain. 

Next, work in progress on area terrain... Including a cave, ruins, river and what will eventually be a large rainforest tree. 

Lot's more work still to do! 



  1. I'm looking forward to the new Congo book; thanks for the update :-) . More terrain is always needed...