Tuesday 24 October 2017

SELWG 2017

Another year, another trip to Crystal Palace for SELWG!

This year Friday Night Fire Fight Club put on a participation game based on a simplified version of Deadzone that borrowed some ideas from our last Bolt Action game set in Stalingrad! This time the plucky participants had to try and get to the jump ship whist avoiding being eaten by radioactive zombies (controlled by members of the club).

The board was split into two levels and participants could find themselves in either. Luckily, those unfortunate to start in the tunnels could find an express elevator that would zip them to the surface (and onto the second board). Unfortunately, most participants also found that they were zipped straight into the clutches of a waiting zombie! Sadly, at least one participant managed to beat the club and get two soldiers to safety on the dropship. Of course, it was a pity about the pilot....

I spent the morning rushing around to try and get all of the items on my list. It was a long list, a very, very long list and I only managed to get a fraction of what I was after. Still it was a decent haul...

Was pleased to pick up the new Congo campaign supplement. Already read through this and may write a short review if there's interest.

Quite a few demonstration and participation games. I spent a good part of the afternoon helping with the club game so didn't get chance to try anything else. I did grab some photos though.

See you at Cavalier in 2018!

If all goes well, we'll have something special to show...

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