Thursday 6 August 2020

Wilkinson's Campaign - Wild Animal Rules

It wouldn't be Africa if there were no large animals to strike fear into the hearts of the timid! The published WI campaign includes a scenario that features elephants with special rules. I've taken these rules and adapted them, using ideas borrowed from Congo, to introduce a variety of different wild animals to Wilkinson's campaign. 

Some of these animals may feature in a specific campaign, others may appear as the result of an Event Card. Hopefully they will help to spice things up a bit. Not all animals have special rules. Some encounters I thought were better dealt with simply through the text of the Event Card. 

I've moved these rules to their own page

A full contents for the campaign can be found here


  1. These look great, can't wait to see the campaign unfold.

    1. Thanks Michael. Still a few figures to paint and some new terrain to build. But it should be a great campaign and we are looking forward to playing it!