Tuesday 4 August 2020

Wilkinson's Campaign Against the Slavers - Campaign Rules

This is a terrific little campaign in issue 270 of Wargames Illustrated (pp. 98-107) that has a British expeditionary force travelling along a fictional river to stem the influence of local slavers.

As written the campaign is designed for In the Heart of Africa, but it could easily be adapted for DitDC. I'm currently converting the campaign into something more suitable for MWWBKs. But since the current global pandemic has put a pause on my gaming, I decided that rather than just convert the campaign I'd have a go at expanding upon it. I've therefore added some extra scenarios and built in a baggage rule to track objects that may be collected. I've been working on this (on and off) for a few weeks now so thought it was about time to get something up on the blog to help track progress. 

***Update*** To keep things manageable and to avoid clogging up the blog feed I've decided to move all of the rules to their own pages. The Campaign Rules are now found here

A full contents list for the campaign can be found here