Saturday, 5 July 2014

Full House at the Club

Had a really great evening playing SAGA at last night's Friday Night Fire Fight Club. I was playing Anglo Danes against Joseph's Vikings. We played the Homeland scenario using three of my recently acquired Dark Age buildings ( purchased from Adrian's Wall). Joseph was defender of the village with a 5 point force and won on turn 5 by killing my warlord. I managed to occupy only a single dwelling and by turn four it was clear I wasn't going to win (I needed to remove Vikings from all buildings and it just wasn't going to happen). It's the first time I've played this scenario and trying to remove 5 points of Vikings from buildings they don't want to leave is fairly challenging!


Anyway, it was really great to see so many folks at the club, I counted 7 games in progress: SAGA, X-Wing (with Mighty Kyle playing two games against James and scoring one loss and a draw), Muskets & Tomahawks, Kings of War (two games), Hail Caesar and Warzone. Here's a few photos.





Next week I'll be playing Kings of War with Mike, so I'd better get my wraiths finished...


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