Thursday, 20 June 2019

New Blog Page with Links to Resources for Gaming in Darkest Africa

I was searching through some of my back issues of various wargaming mags to hunt down an article for somebody and decided I needed to better organise things. So I've put together a new page on my blog that details links to various resources for gaming in Darkest Africa.

It's meant to be a resource for me, but I thought it might also be useful for others. There are still other bits that I want to add (e.g. figure and terrain manufacturers), but it summarises lots of useful articles and scenarios. I've deliberately not added battle reports (there are lots!), but may do so at a later date.


  1. What an excellent idea and a great resource page that I've now bookmarked.
    I know it's a big ask but what about including references for figures, animals etc.

    1. Yes, figures are on my to do list. The priority was getting the scenarios listed.