Friday, 20 June 2014

More Anglo Danes Join the SAGA Warband

I've now finished painting another 2 points of Anglo Danes together with their warlord. These are once again huscarls, but this time armed with more conventional hand weapons.


The hand weapon plus shield combination means that these armoured hearthguard have an unmodified armour save of 5. Using battle board abilities (or the opponent's fatigue) means that it is relatively straightforward to get this up to 6. When combined with 'hard as iron', these chaps can be difficult to kill.



The warlord does have a Dane axe, so suffers a -1 penalty to armour in melee.


I'll be facing John F's challenging Norse Gael tonight at the Friday Night Firefight Club. I've not yet fought against the Norse Gael but know I need to overcome their ability to issue challenges that are backed up by battle board abilities. Our scenario is Battle at the Ford where victory points are scored by getting your men across the river. Of course you also have to stop your opponent from getting to your side of the river and there are two fords...


In SAGA success often depends upon deploying resources very carefully. Spread your units too thin and they become difficult to activate. In Battle at the Ford you have to defend two locations and therefore from the start, your warband is likely to be split. I suspect success may well depend on how the opposing warbands are deployed. I will be trying to slow the advance of the Norse Gael using Intimidate whilst piling on fatigue using Trapped. If I understand the rules correctly, Norse Gael cannot issue challenges if they are exhausted. Let's see if I can try to exploit that this evening...



  1. Looking forward to hearing if your cunning plan succeeds :-) .

    1. Well Mighty Kyle played Anglo Danes and failed to stop John F's Norse Gaels a few weeks ago, so what chance do I have?!