Saturday, 2 January 2016

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a restful Christmas.

Although I play a lot of games at my local club, figure painting and terrain modelling can take up a lot of my limited free time. As 2015 progressed I spent increasing amounts of time painting/modelling and spent less time actually playing games at home with the family. This was exacerbated by the need to get things finished for the SELWG participation game. So over the Christmas period I decided to put painting on hold and get on with some serious gaming.



We managed to finally break open Blood Rage and get in a couple of four player games (the family love this game). Other games played included Zombicide (my daughter's new boyfriend joined in with this one...), Forbidden Island, Warhammer Invasion, Sherlock the card game, Salem (another card game), Catan, C&C The Great War and X-Wing. Very nearly managed to get a three way game of SAGA with Kyle and Adam from FNFFC, but unfortunately had to postpone at last minute. My daughter appears to be on a roll and has won the last four of the boardgames we played - including both games of Blood Rage. Hmmm! Some time ago we played War of the Ring. This game consistently gets good reviews, but for some reason we didn't get on very well with it. I'm therefore hoping to have another try over the weekend.

Gaming starts again at the club next Friday. I'm booked to play Paul at Sword and Spear. This will be our first game with the ruleset and I'll be fielding the Ancient Britons I use in Hail Caesar. Since unit sizes are different I ordered new movement trays from Charlie Foxtrot. Hopefully gluing and painting movement trays will ease me gently back into painting. After all, the lead pile isn't getting any smaller!

Happy New Year!



  1. And a happy New Year to you, too! Look forward to reading all about your 2016 exploits!

    1. Cheers Gordon, hopefully we'll actually get to play Pyramids of Mars this year!

  2. Happy New Year, Fab to get so many game in!