Thursday, 8 May 2014

What's Next?

Flush with enthusiasm after actually finishing some painting, I have decided to crack on and get started on another unit of Anglo Danes and a bit of terrain to boot. Alas, work is busy at the moment and the wildlife surveys that I undertake for a living include nocturnal visits. The end result is slow progress. A start has been made though, so joining the necromancer and Varghulf on the painting table are a unit of Dane axe wielding Anglo Dane huscarls...

... Along with three small terrain pieces. The terrain pieces are more objective markers really and one will function as a Holy Icon in John Fry's scenario of the same name. This scenario places a marker in the centre of the table and each faction is required to keep at least one unit close to the icon or risk immediately loosing the game (even if no blows have been struck).

The markers are spiral glyph stones manufactured by Kent based Fenris Games. If you attended Salute 2014 you may have seen Fenris with their excellent Hell and High Water. I have a few pieces of Fenris scenery and they do paint up very well. I'll try to post some photos of them in use in a game.

So yes, the painting table still has the necromancer and Varghulf. Well there is some method to my madness here. I currently collect and play three main game systems. Having models from different games and/or factions on the go at the same time means there's a bit if variety. At the moment I'm trying to get my Anglo Danes finished, but Warhammer is my original system and I really enjoy collecting old figures and adding to my undead force.

These are just a small part of the army but you get the idea. Young Kyle likes his Dwarfs so there is also a small force of these stout warriors. Many of these figures originate from an old starter set (Battle for Skull Pass). We managed to pick this up for quite a good price on eBay. The kit came with a whole box of Citadel paints and this purchase last year really got me back into the hobby.

More recently I have started to attend The Friday Night Fire Fight Club (FNFFC) that meets weekly at UKC. This has been a real boost and I only wish I had joined earlier! Folks at the club play a wide range of games, although not much Warhammer sadly. It was at the club that I learnt about SAGA. SAGA is a skirmish level game that is set in the Dark Ages. It just so happens that this is a period of history that I am really interested in. As a bonus the game uses a relatively small number of figures. My Anglo Dane force consists of just 37 figures. In modern Warhammer (version 8) many single units can have more figures than that! Painting a SAGA faction (perhaps even two or more factions), should therefore be achievable. We'll see.

Another game I've been introduced to, thanks to James at FNFFC, is X-Wing.

I've always wanted to start collecting a sci-fi game, but never really got into Warhammer 40k. X-Wing is set in the Star Wars universe and get this, comes with pre-painted miniatures! I was originally more interested in Attack Wing. This uses similar game mechanics but is based on Star Trek. X-Wing won out due to the quality of the miniatures though. They really are very good and appear to be of a much higher standard than those used in Attack Wing. Of course you can repaint them if you so wish (and some folks do, for example to give the model a different paint scheme to match another squadron), but the quality of painting means they are ready to play straight out of the box. The fact that Kyle is a mad Star Wars fan may also have had some influence! Here he is at Salute 2014 really getting into a mega game of X-Wing. I can't remember how many ships were on the table, but there were more than a few!

We have a few models already - enough for a 100 point game. Next on the purchase list is a starry battle mat...

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