Monday 12 May 2014

Painted Glyph Stones

Whilst licking my wounds after yesterday's defeat at the hands (well, swords and axes) of Mighty Kyle's Vikings, I decided to finish the three Glyph Stone terrain pieces.

In SAGA these will be used to represent a Holy Icon that factions will fight over. It's quite nice having three since they can be used slightly differently. The flat stone is uneven ground. The small rounded stone is rocky ground, whilst the large standing stone is impassible (and blocks line of sight). I can see a warlord (probably mine if yesterday is anything to go by) desperately hiding from his opponent's advancing archers, crouching behind the standing stone while his warriors lie dead all around. Hoping against hope that he can make it to the end of the last turn... In Warhammer, we can use these terrain pieces as Arcane Monoliths (or anything else really).

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