Friday, 23 May 2014

Progress is Progress

My current work in progress is focussed on trying to pull together a 6 point Anglo Dane warband for SAGA. It may appear like small steps but two points worth of huscarls now have their bases, boots, legs and axe shafts painted with base colours.



Due to the wargamer's perennial problem of limited resources (in my case time), I try to break painting projects up into small achievable chunks. Last night it was legs, tonight it may well be hands...

Still, things are moving forwards. Once complete my Anglo Danes will consist of a warlord with a unit of 8 Dane axe wielding huscarls (2 pts), two units of 4 conventionally armed huscarls (2 pts), a unit of 8 spear armed warriors (1 pt) and a unit of 12 levy with slings (1 pt). This is the same force that faced Mighty Kyle's Vikings last week. I also have some more huscarls and warriors, along with figures for Harold and his brothers + Cnut for a bit of variety.

The already completed warrior unit now has a movement tray (courtesy of 4Ground). The tray is more for show really and probably won't be used in any games, although I guess it may help if I ever get into Hail Caesar.



Much of my terrain is finished with spring static grass (to match my GW BattleMat). However, figure bases such as that shown above tend to feature tufts of vegetation from Tajimal Minitures. These self adhesive tufts are very easy to apply and look very good. I'll probably have a bash at trying to mix the use of static grass with these tufts on some future models - but may have a practice on some empty bases first!

Tonight I'm off to the Friday Night Fire Fight Club to learn how to play Bolt Action with Dan.


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