Thursday 1 May 2014

The Games Room

Otherwise known as the spare room... To prove I mean business though, here's my painting station with a few new works in progress...

I'm still building up the undead hordes. Current projects include a necromancer riding a nightmare and a Varghulf. The latter is more of a WFB7/8 thing really, but I like the model.

The other unit visible on the table (first photo), is a unit of Dark Ages Anglo Danes. You're right, they don't sound very Oldhammer and if you squint you might just about see that they are on round bases. Round bases that don't belong to night goblin fanatics! If you think they must mean some type of skirmish game has infiltrated my metal army, you'd be right. Enter SAGA...

These are the first historical figures I've attempted since I used to paint to order for a London based historical wargaming shop back in 1988. They are not quite finished and I need a bit more practice after painting so many bones, but they are getting there.

Next up, a quick look at the storage boxes.

Did I mention I have a lot of stuff?! And that's not it all...

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