Saturday 25 April 2015

Salute 2015

Salute is big - really big. I must admit that I was *very* glad I made a list of things to buy and things to do. Otherwise I'd have wandered around like a lost Revenant. Seriously this event is big! But yes, I managed to grab pretty much everything on my list. Although sadly we didn't get any tattoos from the Dicebag Lady, we did say hello though...

Ok, photo time.

Last year's huge Dropzone ship has obviously been worked on just a little bit more...



As for the Beasts of War Star Wars Game...




And Mighty Kyle?



Oh yes, he got a game... Two games in fact. Once with the At-Ats (who suffered at the hands of a flukey dice rolling Luke), and later in the afternoon as the rebels. Just as the At-Ats finally managed to penetrate the rebel defences and blow up the base! Oops! Seriously though, a great game that was very well designed. Nice simple rules that could accommodate gazillions of players all shouting and rolling dice at the same time. Huge thanks to the guys running the game. I can only imagine how knackered they must be at the end of the day. I suspect that several new wargamer's were made in that game today though, so bravo!

It wasn't only Star Wars of course. Some Oldhammer even managed to get a look in.





Yes, this Stuka really was dropping a bomb!



Some tables really got into the spirit of things...



And then we come to Gripping Beast... I picked up my Revenant box and have read the rules, scrutinised the battle board and we are both looking forward to giving them a go tomorrow. Of course our own table won't be quite as impressive as the Beast's...




Now for some other random photos of games. To be fair everything looked great. My only regret is that we never had a go with the Dam Busters!





What a fantastic day! We got home well and truly knackered!

But not so tired that we couldn't enjoy watching Jason and the Argonauts. Yes I took advantage of the show deal for 7th Voyage...




  1. Great pics. Do you remember what the game is in the photos 5th and 6th from the bottom?

    1. The game with the Revenants on the dark age village table was SAGA.