Friday 24 April 2015

'Twas the Night Before Salute...

Preorder for outstanding Bolt Action early war German units - check!

Preorder for SAGA Revenants - check!

Rendezvous organised with bloke flogging Guthrum Mane (Oldhammer Giant Hill Troll) - check!

Loooong list of 'essential' purchases drawn up - check!

Location of key vendors for above purchases identified - check!

Bank account raided for emergency cash (in case vendors' credit card machines on blink) - check!

Note made of special show price for Crooked Dice's 7th Voyage rules, cards & dice - check!

Rude comment left on Colgar6's blog for writing brilliant 7th Voyage battle reports and thus getting me hooked - not yet, but I will be...!

Location of Dicebag Lady's stall noted - check! Hey we want tattoos!

Location of Beast of War's Battle of Hoth game noted - check!

Location of Oldhammer game noted (GL05) - check!

Van filled with fuel - check!

Sandwiches made - check!

Mighty Kyle's Friday Night Firefight Club t-shirt washed and ironed - check!

My Oldhammer t-shirt washed and ironed - er...

Wife visiting parents in different town so not around to witness arrival of new toys - check!


See you there!


  1. A man with a plan. I like it. Thanks for following my blog. I look forward to reading of your exploits.