Sunday 26 April 2015

Salute 2015 - the Bag of Swag!

No wonder my arm was aching carrying this lot around yesterday...



So what did I come home with? First up freebies in the Salute bag! This year there was the traditional 6 sided die, along with a fire arc template and Renedra plastic Agincourt archer.



The Troll Trader had great deals on loads of stuff. It was a bit like battling grannies at a jumble sale! I used the force and was disciplined though, limiting purchases to the three outstanding Scum ships from our X-Wing collection.



Just need the Tantive IV now... At more than £50 that will have to wait a while.

A quick visit to Warlord Games and I collected my preorder of early war Germans: MMG, HQ and 36mm Pak. Looks like the box included a free Terminator figure as well. Was hoping to get a German armoured car, but they had sold out. No rush on that just yet though, so not a problem.



The show deal on Crooked Dice's 7th Voyage was too good to miss!



The rules were developed from 7TV which were themselves based on the Doctor Who Miniatures Game. I'm a huge fan of the old stop motion movie classics and after reading Colgar6's battle reports featuring 7th Voyage this was really a no brainer. Kyle and I will be catching up on films over the coming weeks and I'll start thinking about a 'scene' to shoot. Just in case we go Greek (so to speak), I nabbed a few Argonauts.

A prior deal on Facebook Oldhammer Trader had me meeting up with a fellow to collect an old Giant Hill Troll, sculpted by non other than the Goblinmaster himself - Kevin Adams!



Kevin was at Salute and we popped by his stand to admire some of his recent sculpts. Remember though, I had a list and the force remained strong so I resisted the urge to buy anything. I was going to whip out the troll and show Kevin, but he was eating a sarnie when we passed by and I didn't want to interrupt. I'm sure he was badgered by old duffers like me throughout the day, so he probably wouldn't have appreciated me contaminating his lunch with some old lead! No matter, whilst wandering past the Foundry stall I was hailed by another Oldhammerer! We exchanged pleasantries and I whipped out my troll! To suitable sounds of appreciation of course. I didn't know it at the time, but it turn out this was Orlygg (with his mate Stuart) of Realm of Chaos fame.

Anyway, back to the plunder... I did manage to collect the figures needed to complete the Pyramids scenario.



I also managed to get the native diggers from Westwind. Unfortunately they didn't have the figures at Salute, but said they'd post them for free. So they should be with me soon. As you can see, I was tempted by a new Doctor from Heresy. I was keen on getting a few, but the force protected me (they're not cheap)! Couldn't resist some alternative Pulp archaeologist figures as well.


I had a good old rummage through Gripping Beast's wares and found some items I've been after for a while. Women and children! I also bagged some spare shields.



Very useful as loot markers in pillage scenarios or general scenery elements in village based scenarios. I already have some chickens and aim to use them with a small child to create another piece of baggage. I'd like to use one of the women with some geese, but haven't yet managed to find any geese... The beast had some nice longhorn sheep, but since I've just finished painting the soays, I managed to resist.

So what's left? There's the large hill from Tablescape (to help complete a scenery item later this year) and an unopened brown box...

What's in the box?



Yep, the Gripping Beast Revenants! Here's what you get...






There's the Revenant battle board, rules, dice and a scenario that involves a raiding force fleeing back to their ships after looting a Monastary. Figure wise there are 48 metal undead, a metal necromancer (with groovy base) and two grave markers. The grave markers allow additional Revenant units to enter play. Sounds intriguing! We are looking forward to putting the Revenants through their undead paces later today.

So there you have it. Although a lot of new stuff was acquired we didn't go mad and (almost) everything was on my list. Now to find room for it all...




  1. Gosh, there's a lot of interesting stuff there!

    1. Varied but focussed at the same time!

  2. Replies
    1. Certainly made my arms ache lugging the bags around!