Wednesday 22 April 2015

Progress Update - Pyramids of Mars

I'm collecting/painting figures so we can play four different Doctor Who scenarios and well on the way to collecting all of the figures/scenery needed for The Sontaran Experiment and Pyramids of Mars. I'm currently painting figures for the Sontaran Experiment so will have something to show for that soon(ish).

In the meantime, I've just taken delivery of some more figures for Pyramids. This classic Doctor Who series sees the fourth Doctor (Tom Baker, yeah!) and Sarah Jane Smith investigating strange happenings at The Priory... The Doctor and Sarah Jane are already based and primed, but I've spent a fair amount of time reviewing options for some of the other characters not available from Harlequin (via Black Tree). I decided that the Thrilling Tales range from Artizan Designs offered excellent options. Here's what I now have.



The last three figures on the top row (with slotta base tags) are Harlequin, the rest are Artizan. Starting top left the figures will be used to represent: Hanif, Minion of Sutekh (alien form), Namin, mummy, archaeologist, intrepid adventurers x 3, Collins the butler, Dr Warlock, Laurence Scarman and Clements the poacher.

I also have some more robot mummies and Minion (in guise of Marcus) together with Sutekh himself (itself?) that I found on eBay. These are currently being stripped (they arrived with a nasty thick black undercoat).

Scenery wise things are coming together (lots still to make and paint of course). The 'official' Pyramids campaign includes five linked scenarios: Flight of the Intruder, May the Force (field) Be With You, Hit the Hut, Wreck the Rocket and Death on the Nile. The first four are all set in the grounds of The Priory (just like in the TV episodes). Death on the Nile though is an extra scenario set amongst an archaeological dig in Egypt. Looking at the scenarios I thought something else was needed, to set the scene so to speak - so I've written a new one 'The Priory Hides the Truth'. I've had an idea for scenery for this that should make for a splendid game, more on this later in the year when the scenery is ready!

This coming Saturday Kyle and I will be attending Salute. Really looking forward to this year's show. Kyle is keen on participating in the Beasts of War Star Wars game, whilst I've put together a not insubstantial list of 'items' to purchase. Near the top of the list are grave robbers and native diggers to complete figures for Pyramids. Westwind and Foundry both offer possible options. I've also preordered some Germans from Warlord to complete my early war Bolt Action army and (of course!) the Revenant Warband from Gripping Beast. If I play my cards right Kyle and I might get a game in on Sunday using existing painted undead. No promises, but if we do I'll try to do an unboxing of the Renenants and write a battle report.



  1. Pyramid of Mars is a particular favourite of mine so I shall eagerly follow your progress!

    1. I've been looking for figures and terrain items for a few months now. The Priory terrain will be quite big I think, but not ready until at least late summer/autumn. Should give me chance to get figures painted!