Saturday, 11 April 2015

Stop the Rocket!

A few weeks ago we visited Cavalier at Tonbridge. The Friday Night Firefight Club had a demonstration table where we were running Dave's 'Stop the Rocket' scenario for Bolt Action.

It's 1945 and the dastardly Germans have developed a dirty bomb that they intend to launch with a V2. Not to worry though, since two divisions of Mighty Kyle's plucky British paratroopers have arrived to capture the naughty German scientists and prevent them pressing the LAUNCH button.



But what's this? It appears that two Divisions of Russians also have their eyes on the plans for the missile and have arrived with a T34. Unfortunately tanks don't tend to parachute too well, so the Brits arrived with no armour...


Not to worry, the Germans had a Panzer and it soon put the T34 out of action, along with most of the Russian infantry.

The Brits managed to nobble a Hanomag (it's amazing how good a shot the British snipers were in their attempts to pin the crew...) and brought in some air support that destroyed one of the vehicles the Nazis were planning to escape in.


The Brits also thought it would be a good idea to instruct the RAF to target the radar tower. Yes, the radar tower adjacent to the large nuclear bomb... Nothing like making the umpire scramble around thinking up rules for the 'what if' situation! Fortunately for all concerned, the RAF's accuracy wasn't what it could have been, although quite a few German units found themselves well and truly pinned.

Mighty Kyle was completely hypnotised by the prospect of minefields in the woods and decided to walk in... 'just to see what happens...' I kid you not! Boom! That's what happens...

By the end of the game, the Germans had managed to keep both the Brits and Russians at bay. Although their scientists couldn't escape, they could press the big red button. Fortunately the rocket didn't have enough fuel to reach London...

A great game with a clever scenario that was enjoyed by all.



  1. Next time tell Captain Kyle to just tap one soldier to walk into the woods;) Does look like a fun little scenario. I must try these rules one day. I hear a lot of good things about them.


    1. The rules are nice and streamlined with a few abstractions to ease gameplay that you need to get used to. But well worth giving them a try.